Once upon a start: Twitter

Oh Twitter. I can pull up my timeline on any of my devices and get news, coupons, an insider’s look of the lives of those that I follow, friends and celebs. Let’s get right to it…my first Tweet! October 3, 2009. I can’t even recall where I was when I Tweeted this but the context leads me to believe I was at home on my computer working on this very website. I guess I could Tweet that status again without the mention of the first […]

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Once upon a start: Instagram

I love swimming. Do you?┬áHere in North Texas we can usually start swimming mid to late May. My first Instagram post was on May 28, 2012 and it was of us at the pool. We went for the double-decker chicken fight pose. *Nailed it!* I’m not an avid Instagram user myself but I do check it quite frequently. I follow some friends, celebs and businesses. I’d like to utilize the service more and I have the app across all my devices but its just so […]

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Once upon a start: Facebook

It was March 2009 when I joined Facebook and created my personal profile. I am 99.95% sure I joined because everyone was doing it and they probably made me feel like I was missing out. LoL, go figure. Now, approaching the 6 year mark, I thought it would be pretty special to do some research within my account and reminiscence a bit. I went in and found my very first post and first friend. I plan on finding other firsts throughout my profile activities as […]

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Nobody’s Perfect.

Nobody is perfect. I am nobody. Perfect is a word that I feel has no certain definition. Its a word that has as many definitions as there are people on the planet. Everyone’s perfect is different but still perfect nonetheless. A couple other words (that have relative meanings) come to mind as well; hero and love. Your definition of love is different than mine. Your definition of a hero is different than mine. Your definition of perfect is different than mine. I love myself and […]

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